Demon Dungeon – Game Jam Build Download

Demon Dungeon is a charming little puzzle platforming adventure where a demon forms an unlikely allegiance with a suspicious Venom-esque black blob as they attempt to escape from the Netherworld’s largest prison.

Created for the Curdle Jam 14, Demon Dungeon follows the adventure of Terra, a young demon woman who awakens in one of the cells in the Netherworld’s largest prison. Thankfully she finds an ally who can help her escape, but unfortunately it’s a black Venom-esque symbiote that binds to her and shares her mind. The rather untrustworthy black blob does have some useful abilities though, and the unlikely pair now need to work together to escape the dungeon alive (or atleast undead).

The limited time of the game jam does mean that Demon Dungeon has a few rough edges and it’s fairly short, but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless. Obviously the gameplay is very different, but there’s a Helltaker-esque vibe to the charmingly demonic characters and quirky underworld humor. The pixel art animation is excellent and the dual character puzzle platforming gameplay works well. It does kinda end on a cliffhanger so hopefully there will be more of Terra’s adventures in the future!

Download Demon Dungeon Here (Windows)