Demon Pit – Beta Demo

Demon Pit is a fast paced 90s styled first person shooter where you blast hordes of demons and attempt to survive for as long as possible in an arena that reconfigures itself as you play.

The goal of Demon Pit is simple – survive for as long as possible in a demon-filled arena. The demons come in many shapes and sizes an increase in power with each wave. Although it all takes place in the same arena your surroundings constantly change, with the arena reconfiguring itself between each wave – adding walls, columns and even hazards like large pits of lava. Also of note are the various grapple points scattered around the arena, which you can aim at and instantly dash to by clicking the right mouse button.

The current demo build of Demon Pit features the first six waves, with a handful of different types of enemy and three unique weapons to blast them with. The visuals could perhaps do with a touch more flair, but they are fitting for the style of 90s FPS that it’s paying homage to. Combat is fast paced and fun, with the shotgun being particularly enjoyable to use and the grapple/boost mechanic adding a nice amount of verticality and being great for getting yourself out of trouble.

It’s a very promising game which does a great job of taking a classic 90s style of first person shooter gameplay and keeping it fresh. The grapple is a particularly great touch to use as it makes traversing the arena just as fun as blasting enemies and forms an integral part of your battle strategy. High mobility and shooting ability are both vital to survive this demon infested pit!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Demon Pit Beta Demo Here (Steam)