Demon Sluga – Alpha Demo

Demon Sluga is essentially Metal Slug reimagined as a beat ‘em up, with fighting game style movesets, four playable characters and battles with some ridiculously OTT bosses.

Created in OpenBOR, Demon Sluga swaps tanks and guns for combos, special moves and counters as you punch, slice and blast your way through Metal Slug themed levels. There are four playable characters, each with their own preferred weaponry and their own special moves that can be accessed by using Street Fighter style button combinations.

Due to the fact that a lot of your enemies are armed with guns, it’s a pretty hard game at the moment, but if you choose a good character (the 3rd one is pretty badass) and master some of the moves then you’ll be able to make some progress. It’s a fast paced and adrenaline-fuelled experience, with a nice variety of enemies to beat up and some truly epic bosses to fight.

It’s still early in development, has plenty of rough edges and could do with a little balancing, but even in its current form Demon Sluga is one hell of a ride. Any game where you kill dozens of paratroopers and blow up a plane that turns into a giant mech before your feet even touch the ground is okay with us!

Tip: Demon Sluga features hidden branching pathways that take you on some very different routes – try jumping down the first ravine you come to and you’ll go swimming with the fishies!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Demon Sluga Alpha Demo Here (Windows)