Demons Never Lie – Kickstarter Demo

Demons Never Lie is a stylish low poly point and click adventure where you make a pact with a demon to give you the chance to change how your life plays out.

You are dead at the start of Demons Never Lie. You’ve been a good person but lived a pretty miserable life and not even a single person turned up to your funeral. You’re soon given a chance to change all that though, and all you have to do is trade your soul to a demon.

After making your pact with the demon the game returns to then you were a young man and you live out your life, but now and again you are struck with visions of horrific deaths, misery and mistakes – all of which you can change by altering your actions. Your character doesn’t have all the knowledge he did when he was an old man, but the visions may be enough to change how his life plays out and save the lives of others.

The puzzles and interactions in the current build of Demons Never Lie are fairly simple and linear but it’s got a great visual style and an interesting narrative. A macabre point and click adventure that’ll only cost you your soul.

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