Demonstone – Game Jam Build Download

Demonstone is a fun five minute PS1 styled reverse horror action game where you become a monster and maul humans inside a research facility.

Created for the 32-bit Jam, in Demonstone you become a DOOM Imp-esque demon that has been tasked with fighting their way through a facility to break a seal that will unleash Hell on Earth. You start the game with a simple melee attack, but as you make your way through the facility (leaving a trial of decapitated bodies in your wake), you’ll unlock a couple of extra skills that will aid your fight against the final boss guard.

Demonstone is a very short game, but it offers a nice amount of challenge so it’s likely to take a few attempts to complete. The gameplay is fairly simple, but it’s great fun being a monster for a change, it packs a good body count into its five minute playtime and the retro aesthetics work really well. A bite sized little adventure full of feeble humans to maul!

Download Demonstone Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)