Denizen – Prototype Download

Denizen is a thoroughly bizarre blend of Sci-Fi, medieval fantasy and the occult, which sees you exploring an abandoned research institute full of strange monsters.

In Denizen you start the game in the foyer of a research institute – The Kepler Research institute to be exact. You come across a digital PDA device that you can upload information to and an axe which might come in handy. It seems like a fairly normal abandoned research facility, but then you come face to face with a confused medieval knight who gives you a WWI mauser pistol…

The oddity doesn’t stop there. As you progress you’ll blast tree monsters, zombies, skeletons and heavily armed military officers, while travelling between forests, ancient ruins and the research institute. It seems the professor in charge of the institute may have discovered a “hungry dimension” which swallows up things, people and places from history and amalgamates time into one large space.

Denizen is still very early in development, so does have a few bugbears – specifically loading screens which keep interrupting the action, bland textures and a lack of accuracy with the guns (though the shotgun is great fun to use). These issues will no doubt be addressed in future builds though and the wonderfully eclectic mixture of environments, enemies and gameplay makes it easy to forgive its shortcomings. It’s a strange and intriguing adventure in which you’re never sure quite what you’ll see around the next corner.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Denizen Prototype Here (Windows)