Department of Truth Correction – Game Jam Build

Department of Truth Correction is a rage-inducingly tough little physics based sorting game where you have to shred, incinerate, archive and authorise documents fast and accurately or risk getting blown to pieces by a bomb!

In Department of Truth Correction you find yourself sat at a desk with a large bomb and a stack of documents. You also have specific instructions about what documents go where – so for instance you may have to incinerate everything except documents that contain the word ‘Koala’.

The first levels are relatively easy, but as you progress you are given more instructions and more actions to perform with the documents. You’ll have to incinerate most of them, but also shred some, authorise some and archive some others. You have to work fast, pay attention to your instructions and be accurate with your aim – if any documents end up in the wrong place you’ll be rewarded with another stack of documents to get rid of. All the while you have the constant reminder of the bomb counting down beside you!

It’s a very tough game that will cause you to die in a fiery explosion often – it even trolls you occasionally by placing receptacles in hard to reach areas or the bomb in areas where it’s certain to get knocked to the floor (and explode). It’s fun though once you get into the swing of things and really has a sense of tension when you’re on your last few documents but you can hear the bomb nearing the end of its timer!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Department of Truth Correction Here (Windows)