DEPPART – Prototype Download

DEPPART is an unsettlingly realistic first person horror shooter set in a creepy abandoned building filled with tall monsters that can kill you with one hit.

Currently in development by N4bA (creator of 9 Childs Street), DEPPART is a horror FPS with a focus on realistic player movement and intense high-risk combat where one hit is enough to kill you. It’s very much a prototype at the moment, so there’s not much in the way of narrative, but it sees you exploring an abandoned building that’s home to some freakishly tall and fast monsters/mutants.

The current build takes around ten minutes to play through and delivers an incredibly intense experience. The lighting and player movement are excellent and when the monsters appear they really get the heart racing. Highly recommended

Check Out a DEPPART Gameplay Video Here

Download The DEPPART Prototype Here (Windows)