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Depraved Alpha Sign Up

Depraved is a great looking new city building game with survival elements in which you establish towns and outposts to help your inhabitants survive hostile conditions and deadly attacks from animals, Indians and bandits while attempting to colonise the Wild West.

The inhabitants in Depraved fall into three different population types (Pioneers, Settlers and Citizens), each of which has their own specific needs as well as basic needs such as food, water and firewood. You must nurture your inhabitants, building towns, outposts and supply chains to keep them safe from wild animals, disease, starvation, Indians, bandits, and other hazards of the Wild West.

It’s still early in development but it’s already a very promising game with a unique Wild West take on city building, great attention to detail and lots of horrible ways for your citizens to die (those bears in the GIF above look may look cute but they’ll bite your face off!)

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