Depths of Europa – Student Game

Depths of Europa is an atmospheric subsea exploration game where you pilot a submarine through the mysterious seas of Europa (Jupiter’s moon), while being pursued by a giant sea monster.

Created by students of the University of Skövde, Depths of Europa puts you in the role of a submarine pilot whose aim is to transport resources and people between the various subsea research facilities in the waters found below the ice on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Your ship is quite easy to maneuver through the narrow labyrinthine underwater cave systems, but it is quite fragile and not all of the local wildlife is friendly – especially a giant sea monster that’s started attacking the various research stations. You now need to evacuate the space stations and escape before the monster ends your lives as well as your research.

Depths of Europa is a very slow paced game and more about exploration and atmosphere than action or scares. Once you get used to its relatively sedate pace it’s great fun exploring the underwater cavern systems and figuring out how best to deal with the local wildlife. The subsea environment of Europa can be very pretty and chilled out, but also very dangerous!

Download Depths of Europa Here (Windows)