Depths of Fear: Chinkana – Tech Demo

Depths of Fear: Chinkana is a creepy first person adventure where you explore an ancient Inca temple that’s inhabited by dangerous beasts and shapeshifters.

A now cancelled sequel to 2014’s Depths of Fear: Knossos, which was based on Greek Mythology, Depths of Fear: Chinkana transports the first person stealth action adventure gameplay to 14th century Bolivia and focuses on Inca mythology. It sees you entering an ancient Inca temple in search of a cure for your people who have been plagued by a mysterious illness.

The demo build features around 15 minutes of gameplay and serves as a little taste of what the full game could have become. It’s got a wonderfully vibrant color palette and a retro 00’s visual style that adds a lot of character to the game world. The gameplay blends platforming, stealth and simple puzzle solving as you explore the ancient ruins and try to stay clear of the deadly beasts that inhabit them. A particular highlight involves traversing an old waterway that’s home to a massive snake and watching as it swims past is quite an experience.

It’s a shame that Depths of Fear: Chinkana has been cancelled as the setting and art style make for a unique experience. The Inca lore is intriguing and the large mythical beasts that inhabit the ruins are a lot more interesting than your traditional horror adventure antagonists. At times it feel like you’ve ventured into a much darker retelling of The Jungle Book!

Download Depths of Fear: Chinkana Tech Demo Here (Windows)