Deputy Dangle – Alpha Download

Deputy Dangle

Deputy Dangle is a a wonderfully bizarre QWOP-style game where you play a floppy, boneless cop who must protect a city full of strange inhabitants and devious senior citizens headed by an elusive villain known only as G-ma.

Having lost his bones in an accident accident involving glue, cats, and radioactive glue solvent, Deputy Dangle is reduced to filpping, flopping and rolling around town in a rather ungracefull manner.  The accident did have one useful side-effect however, he has the ability to climb and stick to walls, buildings and other objects with ease.  This compounded with his arsenal of gadgets, allows him to glide, grapple and climb his way around town like a fat, floppy spiderman.

Needless to say it’s a ridiculously silly game, it’s also a ridiculously fun one too.  Full of good humor and slapstick gameplay.  It’s a joy hanging around with Deputy Dangle, he may have no skeleton, but he’s certainly got a funny bone.

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Visit the Official Website HERE

Download the Deputy Dangle Alpha Demo HERE (Requires a 360 or PS3 Controller)

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