Derelict – Game Jam Build Download


Derelict, a retro action platformer made for the GBJam 5, has you exploring an old space station, restoring power to the (rather unfriendly) robots and technology that were left there.

You are exploring a seemingly abandoned space station. All that is left around are shut down robots and battery stations. This space station is so abandoned that the gravity isn’t even working. You must float around and collect batteries to turn back on bits of the station. Soon you will find that you might have turned on more equipment than you bargained for. Those old de-activated robots come to life, looking to eliminate intruders from the station – which means you!

You must push forward, continuing to collect batteries to unlock new areas of the station. Each new place may or may not have gravity, but will now have robots floating around towards you or marching around looking to shoot you. You can shoot them back with your gun and sometimes collect upgrades that will make your gun stronger.

See how far you can make it in this fun little retro space station adventure. More robots, and even some challenging bosses, lurk in the depths. There may be no human life onboard, but this station is anything but derilict!

Download Derelict Here (Win Only)