Derpy Conga – Tech Demo

Derpy Conga is a quirky physics based puzzle platformer where you get by despite a little help from your friends, as you form a big awkward conga line while attempting to gather up all your friends and escape the planet.

You start Derpy Conga alone with a giant asteroid headed for the little island you and your friends all live on. Thankfully you have a spaceship that you can use to make your escape, but first you’ll have to gather up all your friends so that they don’t get splatted by the asteroid too.

To gather a friend you simply walk up to them and hold their hand. You can’t let go of them once you’ve held hands though and the more friends you find the longer the conga line of them grows. Having a large conga line of buddies does come in handy now and again for overcoming certain obstacles, but it also presents a big problem when attempting to cross narrow structures like bridges. You’ll have to do some careful manoeuvring to get all your friends to safety!

The current build of Derpy Conga is still an early tech demo so is far from feature complete, but it’s shaping up to be an excellent game. The character and world design is delightfully cheerful, the premise is unique and it’s great fun trying to manoeuvre your ever growing group of friends through the game world. A derpy little physics based conga line well worth joining.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: Unfortunatley The Demo Is No Longer Available But You Can Follow The Game Here