Descension: Depths of De’mae – Student Project Download

Decension depths of de mae

Descension: Depths of De’mae – from students of the DigiPen institute –  is a nice looking isometric dungeon crawler that allows you to unleash devastating spells and solve puzzles by drawing symbols with your mouse.

You play as an E’mae, a member of an enlightened, magical race living in the land of De’mae who must protect the source of your lands power from humans and corrupted E’mae.  The game starts off fairly simply, playing like a standard (but well polished) dungeon crawler.  Things get a lot more interesting when you start to unlock spells though.  These are activated by right clicking and drawing the desired symbol, and have a variety of uses – such as distraction, combat or solving puzzles.

It’s a satisfying experience waving your magic wand mouse and watching the devastation it causes.  The WASD and mouse gesture control scheme allows for more strategic and involving combat than most dungeon crawlers, and the puzzles break up the action nicely.  Dungeon crawling, mouse waving wizardly fun.

Download Descension Depths of De’mae HERE