Descent of Man – Alpha Download

Descent of Man is a stealth survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic city that’s been devastated by disease.

In Descent of Man you follow the story of Jarrett Reed, a scavenger in a post-apocalyptic world, who enters a city that’s rumored to be a safe haven for humanity. However, when he gets there the locals are a little less than friendly and it seems the city is harbouring some dark secrets.

Descent of Man draws inspiration from Resident Evil, Outlast and Thief and it contains a lot of survival horror elements but it is very much a hardcore steath experience – you need to sneak to survive and if you get spotted you’re as good as dead. The enemy AI is intelligent, so you need to be wary of everything you do – your flashlight, making noise and even leaving a door open can tip them off about your whereabouts.

It’s a promising game with high quality visual design and satisfyingly deep stealth mechanics. It’s more likely to appeal to hardcore stealth fans than survival horror fans at the moment as the stealth is very prevalent and any slip-ups are brutally punished. Adding some more checkpoints would make it more accessible to a wider audience as it can be infuriating to lose 10 minutes of progress after being spotted by a guard. As it stands its a hardcore steath survival horro adventure well worth sneaking into – just don’t get spotted!

Download The Descent of Man Alpha Here (Steam)