Descent – Student Game

Descent is a short, stylish and challenging platformer where you use flares to light your way and burn monsters as you descend down a big dark hole.

In Descent you take control of a young girl who must venture down into a big dark cavern to escape from the bitter cold outside. In each stage of the cave you have to grab a butterfly and use it to unlock a trapdoor downwards. The cave is very dark and filled with deadly traps and monsters, but you have a limited supply of flares which you can use to light your way and set fire to the monsters.

It only takes a few minutes to play through Descent but it’s a tough game so it’s unlikely you’ll make it on your first few tries. The pixel art animation and lighting effects make for a very atmospheric experience and although it can frustrate a little towards the end, it’s an oddly addictive little game that keeps you coming back ’til you beat it.

Download Descent Here (Windows & Mac)