Desert Child – Beta Download

Desert Child Game Download

Desert Child is a chaotic, challenging and super stylish hoverbike racing RPG, in which you race and shoot your way through deadly courses, collecting cash, avoiding damage and attempt to beat your opponent to the finish line.

In Desert Child you play a broke young racer who must win races on his vintage hoverbike to earn enough cash to escape to Mars for more racing opportunities. It’s not going to be easy though – the races are incredibly fast paced and chaotic – with you attempting to shoot opponents to slow them down, collect cash from crates and avoid taking damage as much as possible. The reason you’ll want to avoid damage as much as possible is that it costs a lot of money to repair your bike before each race, and your racer needs to eat which costs yet even more money – often you’re lucky if you break even, let alone have enough cash to purchase any upgrades (in-fact you may end up selling upgrades to buy food!).

It’s a tough game, that takes a few attempts to get to grips with the intense high speed racing and harsh economy, but the style, pixel artwork and high quality animation are fantastic throughout. Sure, you may end up broke, but racing is fun and the sense of speed as you hurtle through the racetracks is immense!

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available