Desiderium – Student Game Download

Desiderium is a touching little Gone Home inspired narrative driven experience about returning to your childhood home and rekindling an old friendship.

In Desiderium you follow a young woman who is returning home after a rather disastrous start at college. A lot has changed since she left, her room doesn’t feel like her own anymore and she drifted away from her best childhood friend. As she explores the house she reminisces about old times, gets to grips with everything that’s changed and thinks about her old best friend.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a short and sweet little game that does a good job of capturing the feeling of returning home after a long period away and the fluidity of friendships. It’s easy to drift apart from friends when you’re off doing something new, but a real friendships will still be around when you return.

Download Desiderium Here (Windows)