Despoiler – Beta Download


Despoiler is a fast paced Unreal Engine 4 Powered team objective arena racer that plays like a blend of Twisted Metal and a MOBA, with two teams of five doing battle, collecting scrap, unlocking upgrades and attempting to destroy the oppositions base.

We featured Despoiler on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta Sign Up phase, but now it’s open for all to play. In the game players race and fight with heavily armed futuristic hover cars as they attempt to gather more scrap than the opposition before the match ends (or blow up the oppositions base). Scrap can be found around the arena, collected from silos or stolen from your enemies, and can be taken back to your base to unlock new vehicles, abilities upgrades that will help your team beat the opposition. You’ll want to be careful on the battlefield though, as every respawn costs your team some scrap.

It’s a fun game, with lush visuals and plenty of vehicular carnage. It’s pretty much a MOBA with weaponized hover cars, and everybody knows that if you add hover cars to anything then it gets exponentially more fun!

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Download The Despoiler Beta Here (Windows)