Destiny 2 – Open Beta (PS4 & Xbox One)

Destiny 2 open Beta

Destiny 2 is now in open Beta, with players able to download and play now without the need for an early access code on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Destiny 2 Beta allows players to sample the opening story mission of the game, go on a cooperative strike and take part in competitive multiplayer matches int he crucible. The strike sends you and two other players players into The Inverted Spire (a Vex stronghold) while the Crucible matches pit players against each other in 4v4 matches in Countdown mode (plant/diffuse bombs) on the Endless Vale map.

The story mission offers a good taste of things to come, complete with cool cinematic and hints of an actual narrative, which is a first for Destiny! Before the Beta closes, players will also be able to access the new social space, dubbed The Farm, from 10pm PDT July 23rd onwards, where they’ll be able to hang out, talk to vendors, play with a soccer ball and befriend chickens.

It’s an impressive game, that really does feel like a big upgrade from the first instalment. Bungie have clearly been hard at work to address Destiny’s widely criticised shortcomings while retaining the core gameplay that made it so popular in the first place. The Beta is only on Xbox One and PS4 for now, but it’ll be coming to PC in late August – better late than never!

The Destiny 2 Beta is Available to Download Now Via the Playstation and Xbox Stores, you can find more info on the Beta here