Destructodon – Alpha Build


Destructodon, a game being created by Dirigo Games, is a 2D Dinosaur Destruction game with light RPG elements very reminiscent of old Kaiju and Godzilla movies where you play as a Destructodon (Giant T-Rex) hell-bent on erasing the human race.

The game is simple, you port in from a a different time period find your homeland destroyed by ‘savages’. You must destroy everything that stands in your way, and eat anything that still breathes, to reclaim your once beautiful land for yourself. The humans start calling in the Calvary and single manned police cars begin to show up and shoot you down. If you get surrounded, never fear as your ROAR ability will send a shock wave around you blowing up buildings and exploding humans on impact. How far can you take your destruction, and will Destructodon reclaim his once beautiful lands from the clutches of the evil humans?

Destructodon is a riot to play. Having the ability to just run through anything that gets in your way, while gobbling up defenceless humans makes you feel extremely powerful. The games difficulty does ramp up as you continue on your ‘quest’ but the game offers you a level up system. In said system you can upgrade your speed, roar ability, slow down from buildings etc, that can give you a massive edge when it comes to taking on the police and the more heavily armed forces. The games difficulty really depends on what stats you decide to level up, and how good you are at avoiding enemy fire. Destructodon is certainly a game anyone can sink their teeth into, and easily lose an hour or two.

Play Destructodon Here (Browser)