Detached – Game Jam Build Download

Detached is a very inventive little puzzle platformer where the blocks on-screen only move in the directions indicated by the symbols on them, but you are able to get them to work together by joining them up.

Created for the Brackey’s Game Jam 2021, in each single-screen level of Detached you are presented with a selection of blocks that you need to maneuver to cover the exit portals. Each individual block can only move in one direction (left, right or jump) and will move in that direction when you press the corresponding key.

Most of the time these blocks will never be able to make it to the portals on their own, but you can push them against each other to connect them. When connected they can all move in unison (so a connected left, right and jump block can move left, right and jump). But often it’s not just about being able to move in the right direction, but what shape they are, which is where things really get tricky…

The simple minimalist visuals of Detached belie a remarkably complex puzzle game with some delightfully devious level design that really asks you to think outside of the box. It’s a very creative concept and it gives you a real sense of satisfaction when you crack a particularly tough level. Highly recommended.

Download or Play Detached Here (Windows & Browser)