Detained: Too Good for School – Kickstarter Demo

Detained: Too Good for School is an Anime styled narrative-driven beat ‘em up that follows the story of two schoolgirls who are framed for a crime they didn’t commit and set out to find the culprit.

In Detained: Too Good for School you take control of a rebellious schoolgirl who is framed for dealing drugs out of the blue. It soon becomes apparent that another girl was framed for the same crime and that someone deliberately set out to send the two of you down. You now need to work together (with an ambitious young reporter) to find out what’s going on and who is at the bottom of it all.

The gameplay in Detained: Too Good for School is very different from a traditional beat ‘em up. In fact it’s actually more of an open world RPG adventure with beat ‘em up gameplay. You can freely explore the whole city, get into random fights, upgrade your characters abilities, go to shops and complete quests. There’s also lots of dialogue and cut-scenes, and in the full game you’ll be able to romance 4 female and 4 male characters. On your journey you’ll make lots of meaningful choices that can lead to 10 possible endings.

It’s probably best to steer clear of Detained: Too Good for School if you’re expecting some Final Fight style arcade action, but there’s certainly a lot to like if you’re looking for a beat ’em up that’s a little more narrative-driven. The combat does initially feel a little basic but as you progress you unlock new abilities and weapons that spice things up a little. The characters are also a lot of fun, especially the main character who doesn’t take shit from anybody!

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