Detective – Game Jam Build

Detective is an odd little fast paced puzzle adventure where you set out to investigate a group of missing people, but soon find yourself trapped in a time loop.

Created for the gm48 jam, in Detective you take on the role of the titular detective as he investigates the disappearance of a group of people last seen around Richmond Castle. However, while carrying out the investigation you find yourself trapped within a time loop and unable to escape the castle. You only have a few seconds between each time the time loop resets and you lose anything you’re carrying each time, so you’ll need to work fast to have any chance of escape!

Taking around 5 to 10 minutes to play through, it’s a fun little game that makes clever use of its time-looping premise. The narrative is delightfully silly, the voicework is well done and the visual style is very unique. A quirky little time loop caper well worth checking out.

Download Detective Here (Windows)