Detention – Alpha Demo

detention game

Detention is a very creepy 2D survival horror set in a high school in Taiwan, where two students have somehow entered a surreal, twisted version of their school that’s now filled with horrific creatures called ‘The Linger’.

You control two students as they wake-up in a nightmarish version of their high school, and must uncover clues, solve puzzles and contend with The Linger to stand a chance of escape. You can use food offerings to distract The Linger, or hold your breath and try to sneak past them – but you’ll have to be very careful, you can only hold your breath for so long!

Drawing on Asian cultural references, Detention feels unlike most traditional survival horror games, though the Silent Hill series or The Ring movies feel comparable in tone. The artwork and audio design are very impressive throughout the Alpha demo, creating a tense, thick atmosphere that you could cut with a knife. A tense and terrifying 2D survival horror well worth checking out.

Check Out The Detention Greenlight Page Here

Download The Detention Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux – Sign Up Required)

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  1. Looks interesting and reminds me a bit of The Coma (another asian indie game recently released). Thx for bringing that on my radar.

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