Detour – Game Jam Build Download

Detour is an inventive little block-placing puzzler where you place Tetris-esque blocks on a grid to try and prevent a cube from reaching its destination.

Created for Ludum Dare 50, in Detour you are presented with a large randomly generated grid-based area with a red block and several orange flag squares on it. The game is turn-based and each turn the red block will travel several spaces towards one of the flag squares. If it reaches the flag square then you lose, but each turn you are allowed to place one Tetris-esque block shape to help prevent it from getting there.

The red block will always follow the shortest route to its goal, which often means rerouting when you block its path or aiming for a different nearby flag square. You win the game by boxing the red block in so that it has no route to any of its goals.

It’s a simple and clever concept that is easy to pick up and play but still offers a nice challenge. Figuring out how to block off routes and make the box make big detours is particularly enjoyable. It makes for a fun battle of wits between you and the box.

Play or Download Detour Here (Windows & Browser)