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Detuned, a game jam game created by Paul Lawitzki, Chrisoph Rasulis and Benjamin Ruldolph for Glitch Jam, is a stylish 3D platformer with light puzzle elements that sees you adjusting your tuning to materialise objects.

The game takes place in a strange, desolate land. No colour in sight, only hues of black and grey resonate from the lifeless architecture before you. The building itself houses a linear walkway that you must follow to escape. Along the way you will find obstacles that will constantly flicker, the object itself (highlighted in purple) is glitched and you must fix it if you wish to progress. Using your mouse wheel you can fix it to a point where it stays stationary, making it safe to progress over the object itself. As you continue through the buildingds winding staircases and narrow walkways you’ll come across more objects that are glitched, some of which are conjoined and are fixed at different scrolling points. This makes you think a bit, as if you do it incorrectly you may fall to your death.

The games dark and eerie setting captivates, while the music sends chills constantly up your spine. It leaves a burning question in the back of your mind as you travel through the lifeless tower. Why am I here, and why is everything glitched? The further you go in, the more it rears its ugly head. Add this to the suspenseful music and the game not only grabs you, it’s grasp is icy cold and never wanting to let go. If you do manage to get to the end, a special surprise awaits you, ready to test out what you have learnt from your trials of the tower. The question is are you ready to stare the challenge in the face and win at all costs? Play if you Dare!

NOTE: The mouse cursor doesn’t stay in the main window. Be careful not to click off of the game!

Download Detuned Here (Windows Only)

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  1. A really easy and fun game to play. Two problems there are no options to change sound as i thought it was loud, 2) I did not see anyt warning for players who are sesitive to flashing lights. But on the other hand a really good game, nice job.

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