Deusimator – Student Game

Deusimator is a thoroughly bizarre fusion of Jalopy-esque car simulation and boxing where you beat up a rampaging Kaiju while driving a car/mech hybrid!

You start Deusimator sat within a normal(ish) looking car interior. Much like in any car It’s got a radio, ignition, a steering wheel, window wipers and a horn, all of which you can interact with. However, it also comes with some optional extras that you may not find in your local dealership – such as  a fire extinguisher, a turbine synchronizer, a musculatore puressurizor, rockets and two massive arms that you can pummel kaiju with. You need to fiddle with all the equipment in your car mech to figure out how to start it, then attempt to beat up a kaiju with it.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a wonderfully weird little game. Fighting the kaiju is fun, but fiddling around with all the knobs, dials and gadgets in the car mech as you attempt to get it up and running (and keep it up and running) is the real highlight. Better buckle up, you’re in for one hell of a ride!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Deusimator Here (Windows – Control Pad Only)

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