Development Hell – Game Jam Build

Development Hell is a poignant little game about game development, which is played out via the dev builds of a game in development.

In Development Hell you play though a series of dev builds of a game and learn a little about the intricacies and hassles of game development in the process. The game in question is a short top-down RPG adventure that sees you talking to villagers, collecting equipment and fighting a boss. It’s pretty basic, but has potential and as you progress you’ll play new builds with more fleshed out visuals, dialogue and gameplay.

Before you play each new build of the game, you hear a bit of the conversation between the devs, who are creating the game for a client. It seems that the client is a more than a little hard to please and not very forthcoming with your funding. The game starts to shape up nicely in the later builds, but will the devs ever satisfy their customer? And will they ever get paid?

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Development Hell impresses with it’s insightful take on game development, with the final build of the game in particular offering some very poignant moments. Some games will flourish, some will flounder and some will never even never be released, but they’re all someone’s creations and they all have potential to be great – even if that potential is never reached.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Development Hell Here (Windows, Mac, Linux % Browser)