Devil Cult Party – Game Jam Build

The best type of party is one thrown in a clearly abandoned house. It’s even better in Devil Cult Party, when the party is really just a way to attract new cult members to your cult.

In Devil Cult Party, you compete for cult members who will fight for you and be sacrificed to your god, through hosting one large party in your newly claimed property. Cult members come to your door slowly, curious about what you are doing. They are slow and completely shrouded, but you can pick them up and bring them to various areas where they can be of use.

Placing your cult members near monsters that need to be destroyed, spawn points of enemies that need clearing, or furniture that needs to be built will get them to do that task. Once you’ve cleared the house of enemies and spawn points, you can start building to add to your cult’s party and house. You see, these members aren’t going to stick around if this place isn’t up to shape. They need places to rest, drink, and items that will help them in the long run. This is where pews or chairs as well as drink stands come to play.

Your cult members will also get hurt defeating enemies – sometimes dying and leaving corpses – but bringing them back inside before they die, to rest, can fix them. Sacrificing nearly dead members to gain more piety might also be a good idea. You can end up building a library will even research new items that you can make for your cult, further helping you grow. Your members who stay with you long term will level up, becoming stronger and better members. Over time, hopefully, you can build your cult to be strong enough to defeat all the monsters in the surrounding area and even battle a massive demon that you can summon. Throw a party for yourself and see how big you can grow your cult!

Download Devil Cult Party Here (Windows)