Devil Engine – Alpha Download

Devil Engine is a slick, stylish and super tough side scrolling shoot ‘em up in which your combos not only earn you points but can be sacrificed to execute a bullet absorbing burst.

The gameplay in Devil Engine draws on side scrolling wave-based blasting classics like Gradius and R-Type, but with a touch of bullet hell (not full on bullet hell, just a touch). There’s a nice selection of power-ups to collect, requiring you to collect two of the same type of power-up in a row to upgrade them. Every enemy you defeat can help build your combo and earn more points, but you can also relinquish your combo into a large bullet absorbing burst that can really come in handy in moments of peril.

It’s a very challenging game with hardcore shoot ‘em up gameplay that will really test the shooting skills fans of the genre. The pixel artwork is fantastic throughout too, with cool weapons, swarms of enemies, big bosses and even bigger explosions. Spectacle-filled old school arcade action that will really test your mettle.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Devil Engine Alpha Here (Windows)