Devil Slayer: Raksasi – Alpha Demo

Devil Slayer: Raksasi is a beautifully drawn top down roguelike dungeon crawler with tactical Souls-like combat, six uniquely skilled playable characters and Binding of Isaac-esqe procedurally generated multi-room dungeons.

In Devil Slayer: Raksasi you take control of one of six fearsome heroines each with their own unique starting weapons and fighting style. Combat is melee focuses and feels a little Soulsian, with you managing your stamina, using dodges and timing your strikes to get the best of your enemies.

Your aim is to fight your way through Binding of Isaac-esque top-down procedurally generated dungeons, with each dungeon ending with a big boss fight. You have to kill all enemies in a room before you move on to the next one and there’s a nice selection of loot and stackable upgrades to collect along the way.

It takes a little getting used to the game’s tactical melee-focused combat in a top-down setting and there is still some text that is awaiting translation into English, but it’s a fun game that shows a lot of promise. The artwork is excellent and the fusion of tactical Soulsian combat and Binding of Isaac-esque roguelike dungeon crawling works well once you get to grips with it. A stylish roguelike dungeon crawler that’s more about timing your attacks than spamming them.

Download The Devil Slayer: Raksasi Alpha Demo Here (Windows)