Devildom – Beta Demo

Devildom is an incredibly intense treasure hunting survival horror adventure where the “treasure” you’re searching for is body parts of an evil witch.

In Devildom you are tasked with finding all of the body parts of a powerful witch and using them to complete a ritual that will put an end to her reign of terror. You have the coordinates of the body parts written down on a piece of paper and to find them you’ll need to use a rudimentary GPS that just gives you your coordinates each time you press the button.

To make matters even worse for you the woodlands you’re in are filled with monsters that lurch at you from out of the darkness. You do have a motion sensor that allows you to sense where they are and evade them though, and if the worst comes to the worst then you always have a gun. The three locations the body parts are hidden are also unique areas that can require a little puzzle solving and platforming.

It could do with reducing the reach of the monster’s attacks a little, as at the moment it seems like they can swipe at you from 10 yards away and still hit. Other than that though it’s a fantastic horror game with a very tense atmosphere, clever orienteering-based gameplay, some great surprises and some very scary moments. You’ll have a terrifying time getting lost in Devildom.

Check Out a Devildom Gameplay Video Here

Download The Devildom Beta Demo Here (Windows)