Devotion – Alpha Demo


Devotion is a creepy first person horror with high quality visual design and a dark narrative that sees you exploring a strange old hotel that has become home to a fanatical cult.

In Devotion you play Amanda, a woman with seemingly no sense of self preservation, who decides to explore a creepy old hotel alone in search of her father who went missing five years ago. You’re not sure if you’re father is definitely there or not, but there’s definitely someone or something roaming the halls of the dilapidated old hotel. To unearth the Hotel’s dark secrets you’ll have to solve puzzles and uncover more about the cult that seems to have taken up residence there.

Devotion isn’t quite as scary as it’d like to be at the moment – a lot of the scares fall flat and the slow paced ‘hiding from the monster’ sections feel a bit more tedious than terrifying. But it shows a lot of promise – the visual design is excellent throughout and the creepy cult-based narrative is very intriguing. A creepy cultist adventure well worth checking out.

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Download The Devotion Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

Special Thanks To Nokzen For The Heads Up About This Game!