Devouring Stars – Alpha Download

devouring stars

Devouring Stars is a beautiful strategy game where you play gods and titans able to “devour” entire starfields. 

Designed to be played just with a mouse, Devouring Stars offers simple but compelling gameplay, with wonderful particle effects and a relaxed atmosphere.  You’re tasked with guiding your Gods/Titans across star systems, devouring starfields on your way to make you stronger, and battling other Gods/Titans who stand in your way.  This process is relatively simple, with the intuitive controls mapped to the mouse buttons.  As you progress you will unlock new Gods and Titans to use, and you can even combine them by left-clicking on one then right clicking on another.

It’s a beautiful, Zen-like and mesmerising take on the strategy genre.  If you get stressed out when you play Devouring Stars, then you’re playing it wrong!

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available