Diaube – Alpha Demo

Diaube Game Download

Diaube is a fun little puzzle platformer in which you use the corpses of your brethren as stepping stones to help you progress through each level.

In Diaube you control an endless supply of cute little cube boys who have make it through the games stylish monochrome single-screen levels. There are 20 main levels and 5 bonus levels in the current build, most of which see yo attempting to make it to the exit and pick up an optional collectible, A lot of the gaps and hazards in the levels are impossible to pass on your first attempt, but you can sacrifice your little cube boys and use them as building blocks for platforms that will help you reach the exit on future attempts.

It’s a fun game that has some surprisingly tricky level design later on, with you having to carefully plan where you want your little cube boys to die so they don’t obstruct your path. Lots of cube boys will need to be sacrificed in each level to build a route to the exit, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs!

Download The Diaube Alpha Demo Here (Windows)