Die Hard: A Christmas Blast – Game Jam Build

Die Hard: A Christmas Blast is a fantastic Die Hard themed WarioWare style game where you complete a collection of micro-games to make sure everyone is having a good time at the Nakatomi party.

In Die Hard: A Christmas Blast you use your high-tech 1988 computer interface to carry out important tasks at the Nakatomi Christmas party. Being Die Hard, these include tasks such as hacking the vault, shooting the glass, finding the detonators or just saying hi to Al. As with WarioWare, you only get a short amount of time to perform these tasks and if you fail three times then it’s game over.

WarioWare style micro-game collections are nothing new, but Die Hard: A Christmas Blast is very well done. It’s got lots of fun little touches (such as the difficulty levels – Hard, Die Hard, Die Harder, etc.) and it has lots of classic soundbites from the movie that make it feel like an authentic Die Hard experience.

There is also something peculiar about Die Hard: A Christmas Blast – a strange glitch level which appears very rarely (which can be seen here), which allows you to explore a dark space in first person. It seems to contain Holly, Mr. Takagi and part of the script for Die Hard. It’s unsure what it all means (or how you can complete it), you only get 10 seconds to explore and the level appears so rarely that it’s hard to check.

The glitch level is very intriguing, but even without it Die Hard: A Christmas Blast is a fantastic little game. It’s a delight to play its micro-game recreations of those classic scenes from the movie and it keeps you coming back to try and beat your high score. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Die Hard: A Christmas Blast Here (Windows & Mac)