Die Metal – Alpha Download

Die Metal

Die Metal is a stylish twin stick shooter/tower defense hybrid that sees you trying to fight off waves of enemies on a hostile alien world.

You control a lone ship who must defend a reactor.  You’re capable of short bursts of fire, good for taking out stragglers but not really an option for hordes.  You do, however, have the ability to place turrets in strategic locations to help neutralise the alien threat.  These turrets are pretty effective, but they do degrade over time, so you’ll have to maintain them to keep them in working order.

If it all goes wrong and the enemy does manage to destroy the reactor, you still have one last chance.  The game will enter ‘Panic Mode’ – you won’t be able to place or repair units, but if you destroy the whole wave of enemies, you’ll go back to normal made and the game will carry on.

The muted colours and sombre soundtrack make Die Metal a surprisingly tense and atmospheric experience that really draws you in.  Moody metal.

Download or Play Die Metal in a Unity Supported Browser HERE