Dieos II: DEIDIA – Alpha Demo

Deios 2 Deidia

Dieos II: DEIDIA is a beautiful, bizarre and glitch-filled oddity in which you explore a broken cyber world filled with forgotten ruins abandoned in lonely BBS systems.

After loading up the game and being treated to retro Commodore Amiga pirated game-style loading screen, Dieos II: DEIDIA lets you loose in it’s weird and wonderful world. The platforming can be a little fiddly and the physics of the objects in the world are (deliberately) glitchy, but it’s well worth persevering through this strange forgotten world. It’s a unique place that feels as much a piece of art as a game as you explore deeper into the archives, always uncovering new weird and wonderful sights. A beautiful, broken and captivating experience that just gets better the deeper you delve into it.

Download the Dieos II: DEIDIA Alpha Demo Here (Windows)