Dies Mortis – Student Game Download

Dies Mortis is a visually stunning platforming adventure where you traverse vast liminal spaces that represent a metaphorical view of death.

In Dies Mortis you go on a journey that alternates between two worlds – a supermarket that symbolises an everyday element that you can hold on to, and a vast red-tinged world (called the Absentia) that’s filled with oppressive architecture. The supermarket sections are creepy but easy to complete, while the Absentia tests your platforming and problem solving skills as you navigate its massive and treacherous environments.

Dies Mortis was created by students of the National Superior School of Architecture of Versailles, and you can really tell as the architecture in each level is incredible. There are some frustrating moments that could be solved with a few more checkpoints, but on the whole it’s a very impressive game with a real sense of scale.

It’s not a horror game, but it is a very tense and unsettling experience. You feel tiny and vulnerable as you make your way through its huge, beautifully crafted environments. All the more impressive is the fact that the devs had never created a game before. Highly recommended.

Note: When you boot up the game it is originally set up for ZQSD controls but you can edit them in the options menu.

Download Dies Mortis Here (Windows)