Diesel Guns – Alpha Demo


Diesel Guns a very cool old school car combat game inspired by Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 that pits heavily armed vehicles against each other in carnage-filled arena warfare.

The gameplay in Diesel Guns will be warmly familiar to anyone who’s ever played Twisted Metal-style vehicular arena combat games, with players using a wide selection of powerful weaponry to blow each other to pieces and rack up as high a score as possible. As well as lush Unreal Engine-powered visuals, Diesel Guns features four classes of badass vehicles, six different primary weapons, four special weapons, alternate fire modes, special abilities and Quake-style power-ups.

It’s still early in development, but Diesel Guns is shaping up nicely and looks set to offer a nice blend of old school car-on-car mayhem and modern game design. Perfect for those with a hankering for some multiplayer motorized mayhem.

Download The Diesel Guns Alpha Demo Here (Windows)