Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age – Open Beta

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age is a beautifully animated 2D fighting game with three planes of combat, and a focus on cooperative 2v2 battles.

Taking place in the industrial metropolis of New Libertis, Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age sees champions rising and fighting to decide the fate of the city. The current playtest features six playable characters, a few levels of the story mode, a VS mode, a training mode and online multiplayer.

The core combat is a little like Street Fighter, with quarter “circle + attack” style special moves and powerful supers. However, the arena and the way you fight is quite different. There are three planes in the arenas that you can switch between while fighting, giving the game a beat ‘em up feel. Also, the main fight modes are 2v2 and 4 player free-for-all, giving a very different dynamic as you work together to beat down your rivals.

It’s an impressive game with beautifully animated characters and battles that offer plenty of tactical depth. The current playtest will run until Jan 3rd so jump in now to lay the smack down in New Libertis.

Join In The Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)