DieselStörmers – Prototype Download


DieselStörmers is a fast paced side scrolling shooter for up to 4 players, with lush visuals, fully customisable weaponry and procedurally generated missions, enemies and maps.

DieselStörmers has an interesting Dieselpunk/medieval fantasy setting, full of orc and gobin-type creatures, but with weaponry and armour powered by roaring engines.  Weaponry in the finished game will be highly customisable, with you able to combine frames, barrels and engines to create your own weapons.  Enemies also have exchangeable weapons, gadgets and even body parts to create different combinations of how they move, attack, and which special abilities they use.

The prototype consists of one level and lacks the procedurally generated elements, but you can play in co-op and it does a good job of showing off the visual style, run and gun gameplay and OTT weaponry.

Download the Prototype through the Kickstarter page HERE (link is near the bottom of the page)