Diluvian Ultra – Alpha Demo

Diluvian Ultra is a fast paced Sci-Fi FPS set in a living spaceship made of flesh and stone, where your choice of weapon when tackling enemies really matters.

We previously featured Diluvian Ultra back in 2016 (when it was just called Diluvian), but the new build is almost unrecognizeable from the 2016 version. It sees you awakening in a living spaceship that’s been invaded by insectoid monsters.

The current build features one lage level that takes around 20 minutes to play through (but is also packed full of secret areas to find). It sees you using guns and a plasma sword to fight your way through your ship, dispatching the insectoid invaders as you go. Interestingly the game has a unique armor system which requires you to use specific guns to remove enemies armor before you can do any substantial damage to their health. This means you’re often best to try and use an armor-damaging weapon first on an enemy then switch to a heath-damaging gun or get in close for a melee attack.

There are a couple of issues at the moment – it could really do with a dash ability to allow you to get in close to enemies quicker, the weapons feel a little underpowered and all the enemy sprites seem really small for some reason. These issues aside, it’s a lot of fun, the artwork is gorgeous and the armor/heath mechanic adds a welcome tactical element to the combat.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Diluvian Ultra Alpha Demo Here (Steam)