Dimension Drifter – Game Jam Build Download


Dimension Drifter, a platformer made for the MiniLD #59, has you exploring a multidimensional universe where entire tile-sets and sprite databases change in an instant.

In this fun platformer, everything changes at the end of each level. No two levels look or act the same. Each level has floating objects that can be collected, as well as an end door. Once you go through that ending door, the sprites for the game change. Even your character will receive a new look.

Each level introduces a new piece of the game. At first, you learn the basics of jumping and what to avoid. A timer at the top of the screen causes you to rush through each level in just 30 seconds. After many levels of exploring, collecting spinning objects, and seeing each level differently, you will start to discover new mechanics.

Soon enemies appear that you can shoot – if you collect bullets to do so. Boxes appear that can disappear after being jumped on, moving blocks can be used to get up higher. There’s even a level editor so you can create your own unique levels yourself!  With so many different dimensions to go through, will you be able to beat this ever-changing retro platformer?

Download Dimension Drifter HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)