Dimension Drive – Alpha Demo


Dimension Drive is a fun shoot-em-up that allows you to fight in two battlefields at once, teleporting between screens at the push of a button.

You are play as Jackeline Tywood, captain of the Manticore, who must single-handedly stop the tyrannical Ashajul fleet from conquering your universe. In typical shoot-em-up fashion you do this by blasting hundreds of alien ships out the sky and taking out huge bosses.

The dual-screen nature of the gameplay in Dimension Drive isn’t as hard as you’d expect to pick up – in-fact you’ll be flitting between dimensions with ease in no time. It’s a great feature, that means there’s always something on-screen to blast and there’s always somewhere to escape to when things get a bit hairy on one screen. It’s also recommended to switch between screens whenever possible, as your ammo depletes, and you need to recharge your energy by blasting enemies in the other dimension.

With two gameplay modes, tight controls, enjoyable enemy blasting and unique dimension jumping gameplay, Dimension Drive is a unique shooter that’s well worth a blast. Typical, you wait ages for one great vertical shmup, and two come along at the same time!

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Download the Alpha Demo and Check Out their Kickstarter HERE (Win & Mac)