Dimension Shifter – Alpha Download

Dimension Shifter

Dimension Shifter is a beautiful puzzle platformer that sees you utilising environmental blocks and the ability to shift dimensions to get to the end of each puzzling stage of platformy goodness.

In Dimension Shifter you play as a test subject with special abilities that help you manipulate certain objects to help you reach the ending goal of each level. As the game progresses and the puzzles slowly begin to diversify and get more challenging, dimension shifting is introduced. This amazing ability allows you to jump through a rift that leads you to a parallel universe. Both of these dimensions are needed to beat each level accordingly which makes the games difficulty climb to points of frustration.

Visually, Dimension Shifter looks  a bit minimalist and feels fondly reminiscent of Portal. Dimension Shifter uses a very limited colour palette to help distinguish from normal landscape and the dimension landscape (Other side of the spectrum), and small splashes of colour to indicate blocks that move or help you reach higher heights. The music of Dimension Shifter is also excellent – it’s not only a catchy tune but it really helps draw you into the world.

Even in these early stages of development Dimension Shifter shows great promise, with it’s minimalist visual design, challenging puzzles and unique dimension shifting gameplay.  Well worth giving a go – in this dimension or the next.

Download the Dimension Shifter Alpha Here (Windows Only)