Dimhaven Enigmas – Kickstarter Demo

Dimhaven Enigmas is a narrative-driven finch person puzzle adventure where you unravel a mystery on an abandoned island that used to be a popular tourist destination.

In Dimhaven Enigmas you are a young woman who has travelled to the island of Dimhaven in search of her missing uncle after receiving a mysterious letter. The island used to be a popular tourist destination, but when you get there it’s abandoned and in disrepair, and your uncle is nowhere in sight.

The Kickstarter demo features a large chunk of gameplay and really impresses with its high quality visuals and voice acting. What’s most impressive though is the puzzle design. The puzzles make creative use of the environment, they have plenty of variety and require real thought to solve. A very polished puzzle adventure that will really test your grey matter.

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Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dimhaven Enigmas kickstarter Demo Here (Steam)

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