Dinner with an Owl – Game Jam Build Download

Dinner With An Owl Game Download

Dinner with an Owl, a creepy, surreal horror game made for the Adventure Jam 2017, has you trying to figure out how to escape from a cursed home inhabited by a weird anthropomorphic owl.

You are an important lawyer who is on a home visit to do some contracts. This seems like a normal case – some rich man just wants a few contracts hammered out at his own home instead of coming into office. He has a rather fancy house, complete with his own butler, but everything seems pretty normal at first glance.

Then you meet the man looking for this contracting service and things become far from normal. Dinner with an Owl has you actually having dinner with a half-owl, half-human thing. This creature seems to be trapping people at his home – this includes you! He has somehow gathered a few ‘guests’ to his home, all who wish to leave and each day instead of finishing the paperwork, this creature continues to have you stay here.

In Dinner with an Owl, there are straightforward ways to attempt to escape, but it is not as easy as you would think. This house is cursed, and it is up to you to break the curse completely – even if it takes a few tries – you can escape from its loop of madness. This game is super unique, with a very creepy atmosphere, some great little twists and even a a catchy little song from your avian captor!

Download Dinner with an Owl Here (Windows)